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A Money Market savings account is a convenient way to earn more on your investments, without sacrificing liquidity. These accounts pay higher interest rates than a traditional savings, without tying up your money in a CD. This is the perfect solution for investors who want 24/7 access to their money, higher earnings, and easy check access to their savings account.

Benefits of a 1st Credit Union Money Market Account:

- Pays higher dividends than traditional savings.
- More liquid than a CD.
- Access over the counter or via ATM, Internet, KISS or Money Market check.
- Cash access from ATMs.
- Check access, up to three (3) checks per month.
- Free sheet of Money Market checks per month.
- Direct deposit available to a Money Market account.

1st Credit Union currently offers two different Money Market account options for your convenience. Click below for details.

- 1st Money Market
- 1st Solutions Money Market



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